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live streaming video!

You want it, we’ve got it… video, chat, colour commentary, off-color commentary. The first competitor will be coming on in moments!



We have the will, we have the duct tape…

Streaming attempts can be watched here. Things are a bit buggy, but the chatroom is enabled and you can give us feedback.

wrbc 2009

by kglanville

WRBC 2009 from wrbc on Vimeo.

On january 23rd to 25th, the first SCAA Barista Competition ever to be held in L.A. will kick off in the beautiful Spring Arts Tower Building Downtown. Any of you with an interest in coffee, and within traveling distance (interpret that how you will) would be mad to miss it.

Western Regional Barista Competition 2009

The Specialty Coffee Association of America presents the 2009 Western Regional Barista Competition hosted by Intelligentsia, January 23-25, 2009 at the Spring Arts Tower in downtown Los Angeles.

The event is fun, free to the public, and features some fantastic complimentary competition-caliber coffees on the "fourth machine" served by top baristas. We encourage you to join us!

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Team IntelLAgentsia

First Cup January 26, 2009

Jessie pours well.

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