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Zell speaks

by tonx

Our east coast friend Liz Clayton talks with Doug Zell about Team Intelligentsia’s juggernaut status in the barista competition world. Among the many choice quotes:

…When there can be a chili cook-off or a steak contest or a macaroni and cheese contest on the Food Network and we still haven’t gotten coverage, I see how much longer we have to go.

The big question is, will we get there?

color commentary

from the live stream chat:

03:13 NickCho : Kyle Glanville has sort of that Ira Glass voice thing going for him :-)

nicole’s puppy

Was hoping to see this little guy at the competition today. Sadly he is a no show.

the banana phenomenon

by tonx

What is up with all this talk of bananas? We interrogated Intelligentsia’s Devin Pedde to uncover the answers…

Devin discusses the Banana Phenomenon on Vimeo video


by tonx


Yesterday was a bit of a shambles from a blog production standpoint. I tried to commit seppuku out of extreme shame, but I’m not sure the otherwise useful Pallo CoffeeTool was the right tool for that job.

Fortunately, while I was traveling the city looking for network cable, crawling about the building in search of power, and otherwise freaking the frak out – Joshua Lurie over at FoodGPS was doing a stellar job at capturing some of the action.

Today promises to be more fun for those of you following at home. We’re larding up the site with more all-star guest bloggers, I’ve hidden a bottle of bourbon near the blogstation, and the ustream broadcast should be kicking up ahead of today’s first competitor. Solid.


posting from my iPhone. Needless to say our network difficulties continue. Running 200 feet of ethernet cable down 9 stories of building amid construction and the filming of A remake of Fame is not ideal.

Western Regional Barista Competition 2009

The Specialty Coffee Association of America presents the 2009 Western Regional Barista Competition hosted by Intelligentsia, January 23-25, 2009 at the Spring Arts Tower in downtown Los Angeles.

The event is fun, free to the public, and features some fantastic complimentary competition-caliber coffees on the "fourth machine" served by top baristas. We encourage you to join us!

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Team IntelLAgentsia

First Cup January 26, 2009

Jessie pours well.

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