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Sara Peterson

Ryan Willbur

More to come!

Before they knew

by bfortch photo by raulito


western regional top 3 a few minutes before the results were announced.

congratulations to these three guys who all worked and trained really hard and have proven themselves as the best of the best.  all threw down beautiful and delicious coffees and solid presentations.  hope we see all three in the usbc, and the 2009 usbc champ may be in this photo.  i’m just sayin…


iansane – photo courtesy of mr. tonx
The Winners!!
Intelli domination!!
1) Nick Griffith
2) Devin Pedde
3) Ryan Willbur

raul rodas

by bfortch

in attendance at the wrbc is the 2-time and current champion of Guatemala, Raul Rodas.  He’s been running around behind the scenes, tasting coffee, taking pics, emcee’ing, taking it all in, trying different coffees, working 4th machine.

Raul will be competing for guatemala at the 2009 World Barista Championship in Atlanta.


The Action Outside

The Action Outside
Everyone waits for the final results……..

devin’s beans

by bfortch

Devin was using an heirloom Ethiopian yirg.

Kebede Koomsa is the co-op/washing station.

Fruit notes to citrus.  Constantly changing.


Devin's beans and brewer

nick checks out devin's device

Central Command

Command Central
The electronic brain of the WRBC 2009.

The Final Finalist

Devin Pedde – Intelligentsia

jared’s beans

by bfortch

photos by raul rodas

JT was using a blend of three bleans, recently devloped for the competition at Verve.  It showcases a special Panama coffee from the Boquete region, from the elida estate, producer is wilford lamastus.

jt's beanz

JT raps with the emcee's post-comp

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Western Regional Barista Competition 2009

The Specialty Coffee Association of America presents the 2009 Western Regional Barista Competition hosted by Intelligentsia, January 23-25, 2009 at the Spring Arts Tower in downtown Los Angeles.

The event is fun, free to the public, and features some fantastic complimentary competition-caliber coffees on the "fourth machine" served by top baristas. We encourage you to join us!

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Team IntelLAgentsia

First Cup January 26, 2009

Jessie pours well.

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