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looking ahead

by tonx

nick griffith

FoodGPS has a post-victory interview with Nick Griffith of Intelligentsia, the new Western Regional Champ, who is now looking ahead to the USBC March 5-8 in Portland, Oregon.

devin’s prep


truby shoes

truby shoes

total coverage

Food GPS comes through with some excellent coverage of Day 2 of the WRBC. Go check it out!

nicole’s puppy

Was hoping to see this little guy at the competition today. Sadly he is a no show.

Nicole Mournian, Caffe Luxxe, Santa Monica

currently midway through her routine.

nicole Mournian, caffe luxxe

competitor 17 Kan Hasegawa, Cafe Abir

kan hasegawa

day 2 competitors

Here is the competitor line up for today… all times in PST. please join us on the live broadcast which include chat-tastic chat.

11:05 Louie Poore, Zoka Coffee
11:22 Nicholas Griffith, Intelligentsia Coffee
11:39 Sara Peterson, The Abbey Coffee Lounge
11:56 Kan Hasegawa, Cafe Abir
12:13 Philip Kim, LA MILL Coffee
12:30 Michael Porter, Anazao Coffee
12:47 Renee Teichen, Ritual Coffee Roasters
1:04 Devin Pedde, Intelligentsia Coffee
1:21 Hannah Kram, Caffe Mediterraneum
1:38 Lita Lopez, Groundwork Coffee
1:55 Nicole Mournian, Cafe Luxxe
2:12 Michael Richardson, Kean Coffee

the banana phenomenon

by tonx

What is up with all this talk of bananas? We interrogated Intelligentsia’s Devin Pedde to uncover the answers…

Devin discusses the Banana Phenomenon on Vimeo video


by tonx

Over at the LA Times blog, Deborah Netburn writes of her experience of Day 1 of the competition. She refers to Intelli’s Nick Griffith as the “front runner”.

I just shared this news with Nick who is aware of the expectations swirling around but tells me:

“I don’t care if I win or not, I just want to show the coffee in its best light.”

Moments later adding quietly and with a smile

“I shouldn’t say I don’t care about winning – I do care about winning.”

As he walked away I think I said “can I quote you on that?” but I’m not sure he heard me.

day 1

by tonx

The first day of competition kicks off in a few hours. You can check out the competitor listhere. We’re working on getting our live stream working (through the magic of extreme lengths of ethernet cable, duct tape, and the generosity of the guys on the ninth floor)… details to come.

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Western Regional Barista Competition 2009

The Specialty Coffee Association of America presents the 2009 Western Regional Barista Competition hosted by Intelligentsia, January 23-25, 2009 at the Spring Arts Tower in downtown Los Angeles.

The event is fun, free to the public, and features some fantastic complimentary competition-caliber coffees on the "fourth machine" served by top baristas. We encourage you to join us!

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First Cup January 26, 2009

Jessie pours well.

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